Harrison Homestead is an homage to our dream of one day purchasing a large plot of land deep in the forest of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and creating from scratch a beautiful homestead.

That being said, we also feel extremely blessed in our current situation, having lived on our small 7-acre ‘farm’ in Central Wisconsin since 2016 (pictured above).


I say ‘farm’ because it, on its own, is in no way a business venture. It’s never been to make money, and we’ve never collected a dime. Instead, it’s always been to allow us to have a closer connection to the earth, grow more of our food, share the bounty with others, and have more space to open our hearts and doors to furry and feathery friends that need a home.


In doing this, however, the biggest limiting factor has always been the number of hours in a day as we both work in town full-time. While I’ve previously sold on eBay, selling on Amazon has always intrigued me (especially FBA), as it allows us to provide world-class service to our customers due to incredible technological and automation processes that I could never accomplish on my own. 


After years of pondering this as an idea for independent income, my curiosity finally reached a level that convinced me to listen to my heart, take the plunge, and convert those thoughts into action.


Our goal is to offer quality products that provide genuine long-term value, rather than just being another mediocre option in today’s throwaway society. Because someday, that unsustainable product cycle will catch up, and we want to live knowing we tried our best not to contribute by making inferior (but sellable) products that only lead to the destruction of our planet.  


While we don’t expect to make much money initially, it’s our vision that if we keep taking steps forward and build consistently over time, we will someday get to a place where we don’t have to make the ~55 mile daily commute and allow us more freedom to pursue our passions. 


As for who ‘we’ are: 

My name is Chris. I love playing in the dirt, building things out of wood, giving high-fives, encouraging people to see the positive in something every day, and getting carried away finding the best bank accounts and credit cards to use.

Sophia is my #teammateforlife, a talented aerialist and yoga instructor with a mission to spread that passion to others through her teaching, and whose heart for all creatures is the main reason we’ll have so many mouths to buy feed for ;)  (but seriously though...)

Jim is my #1 sidekick who rode back with me on a motorcycle from California to Wisconsin, and also who actually brought Soph and I together. But because that’s a realllly long story, we’ll have to save it for a blog post down the road if enough people want to hear it ;)

(California Jim on Facebook and Instagram)

And our newest family addition is little Emmy Lou, who we adopted in Washington state while on another west coast road trip in 2019.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us and our crazy dreams :)  And to everyone who makes a purchase, we appreciate it more than you know and can’t thank you enough for your support!!

~ Chris, Soph, Jim, Emmy, and all of our chickens; Minnie, JoJo, Henrietta, Beatrice, Josie, Georgie, Penny, Maisy, and Daisy

©2019 by Harrison Homestead